As a young boy growing up in the North East of England, I was surrounded by history and legend. After learning about the Romans, the Anglos Saxons, the Ancient Britons, the Vikings, the Arthurian legends and the large number of medieval castles near where I lived, the introduction of a fully armoured action figure was a dream come true. Both the Noble Knights and the Brave Vikings were among my favourite toys. This web site is a tribute to one of the worlds greatest toy makers and one of it's most unique creations. I hope you find it useful.

I would like to thank the following people for their help and knowledge. Their dedication and advice has helped me to put this site together. TOM HEATON for getting me back into collecting one of the greatest toys the world has ever seen and for writing the "Bible" on collecting Marx, SCOTT STEWART for all the advice, photos and endless trips to the post office! (Or maybe that should be VAL!). TERRI AND NOAH COOP for Circle X and all the great accessories, JEFF WILSON for the encouragement and great customs and last but not least my very patient wife who now knows that I am not the only 40's something guy who collects plastic dolls!